Briscoe Project - Addition/Renovation 2008

Project description

The Briscoe project consisted of extending the center back deck and the roof over the back deck and adding a gas fireplace. A two car garage was added to the side of the existing house, an extension roof added to the entry that connected to the garage for a covered walkway. A new parking area and driveway was cut in and the grade was changed and landscaping added to the existing driveway location. A small roof was added over the basement entry door and a fence was built around the air conditioning units.

What made this project difficult?

Typically most addition/renovation projects have their own problems or hurdles to get over. This job had an existing retaining wall that the new garage was built on. We needed to determine if that wall was adequate to support a new garage.

We also created a retaining wall to support the existing development access road. We had to try to retain the "look" of the log construction even though our construction was not log. Connecting the entry roof and the garage was a little tricky but thanks to my talented framing subcontractors, it turned out great.