More About Moore Construction Services


I have been president of the Home Builders Association in Jackson County during the years of 2002, 2003 and 2004 and will be president again in 2010. I attend Chamber of Commerce events, Real Estate Association events, community fund raisers and local I have developed good business and personal relationships with others locally.


I have worked with many of the subcontractors, vendors and inspectors and have developed good strong relationships with those people. Because of the time I have spent in this area and the fact that I am and have been the President of the local Home Builders Association, I know the reputation of those I work with and those I choose not to work with.

  • Septic: We have many septic limitations and several types of septic systems for specific conditions. I have developed relationships with the county officials as well as subcontractors that will install and evaluate those systems. I have also developed relationships with engineers for those really tough sites, which are becoming more and more frequent. I have installed simple conventional systems and systems with grinder pump stations. I have had to install low-pressure systems for one residence and have endured the difficulties of installing a low-pressure system for three families as well as helping the owners to understand the legalities and maintenance issues required of shared systems.
  • Water: We have many well or water inadequacies and most owners must find their own source of water. I have developed relationships with the county officials as well as subcontractors that will install and evaluate the water systems. I have had to install systems with pumps, drilling in difficult areas, having to hydro-fracture a dry well for water as well as the simple task of hooking into a community water system.
  • Land: I understand the terrain of this area and the problems that may arise as well as the cost attached to those problems. From rock to sand, flat to steep, the conditions of your site must be handled appropriately to insure your house will stand for years to come. The character of your terrain plays a major role in the design of your house, excavation, foundation and construction specifications, issues with water diversion, and of course, the cost.

Professionalism and Financial Responsibility

I have been evaluated by the insurance agents for workers compensation and safety practices and have been featured in their newsletters. I write building related articles for the Home Builders Association newsletter and help that association with fund raising programs that allow students in building related fields with financial aid for a higher education. I have an excellent financial record with the all of the banks I do business with, the vendors I purchase from and the subcontractors who work for me. I will manage your job and your money as though it is my own.

Details, Design and Finishing the Job

I feel I’m in touch with the “mountain” feel and how to achieve that look in your new home. I like to use texture and color to give character and definition to your new home and I enjoy working with clients to give each home a look you can call your own. What seems to be difficult to do in this area but is something I take pride in, is my ability to finish your job, on time! I won’t leave you hanging with your unfinished punch-list of items that seem insignificant to most but very important to you, they are important to me as well.